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John Crews, Gunsmith


I began my gunsmithing training as an apprentice for a gunsmith in Santa Ana in 1979 while I was attending college. I then moved to Colorado and studied gunsmithing at Colorado School of Trades. I intended this to be a "sideline" skill to compliment my primary career goal of police officer. After completing my gunsmithing certification, I returned to California. In 1982 I was hired by the Santa Ana Police Department.


Almost immediately, I became involved in the department firearms program. In 1986, I was transferred from patrol to the range as the department's only armorer and primary firearms instructor. I remained in this assignment for two and a half years.


I worked various assignments in the police department. I was one of several fully trained department armorers and served as a firearms instructor as needed. Periodically, the department sent me to instructor or armorer schools for the various manufacturers. These included Smith & Wesson, Sigarms, Glock, Beretta, Ruger and Remington.


In December, 2013, I retired as a full-time Cop after 31 years. Throughout my career, I have been continually involved in gunsmithing to one degree or another. I owned a one-man shop in Santa Ana, Southwestern Armorers, from `83-`84.


In March of 1997, I affiliated myself with Shawn Tugwell and Andres Sepulveda, a couple of young but knowledgeable and skilled gunsmiths also from Colorado School of Trades. Andres moved on to other things,  but Shawn and I each operated independent but cooperative businesses out of the same location.  Shawn closed his business and moved to Colorado in early 2000.


Now I am again working alone and continue to provide top quality gunsmithing services.