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This page is intended to provide current, relevant facts and thought provoking opinions about guns, gunsmithing, shooting and such, both law enforcement and civilian. If there is enough interest, I will attempt to keep this page updated. If you have any suggestions of articles which could be included here, let me know. Readers may e-mail comments, criticism, or suggestions for future topics. E-mail from readers may be posted (stripped of name & address if requested) to this website for all to read.


Gunsmiths, Armorers and Kitchen Table Mechanics - by John W. Crews

 An explanation of gunsmithing training and what to look for when choosing a gunsmith


A Nation of Cowards - By Jeffrey R. Snyder


Why Guns? - By L. Neil Smith

Choosing your elected representatives


Firearms Safety & Children - by Patrick Casey and John Gunshenan

How to make your children safe around guns


Media Tactics by Victoria Deaton

An excellent article with tips on how to handle the media after you shoot someone in self-defense